Exchange of data containing sensitive data - the dilemma

“ Data created and used in our company contains highly sensible information and should therefore never be exchanged with researchers. By contributing with my data
to their research the privacy of my data can be compromised. Especially when the outcome of the
research is used to track down individual entities"

“ In order to have a bigger impact, our research
needs data form multiple resources.
Unfortunately there’s no wat that the data owners want to share their data with us since we cannot guarantee that the outcome of our research is not misused by others
to track down individual entities." 

“We help you to stay in control of your sensitive data
by Secured Anonymous Data Exchange"

B.J. Walker - owner iDTS


Secure Anonymous Data Exchange

We act as proxy between
the data owner and the data processor
using our Primary Key Transformation 
to secure your data

Data Analysis &
Data Processing

With our in depth knowledge
and experience we can assist you
with your data analysis & processing 


We like to lend our brains 
  for all your challenges
with data research

Secured Anonymous Data Exchange

The proces is simple

Companies A & B transfer their data containing sensitive information to iDTS

Data from companies A & B is made anonymous using a technique called  
Primary Key Transformation  

iDTS transfers the Secured Anonymous Data from companies A & B
to the Data Analysis Company for statistical research

For each Data Analysis project a different project-key is used for the Primary Key Transformation. This ensures that data from different projects cannot be linked to each other.

Primary Key Transformation

Primary Key Transformation

In this process, the identifier (or primary key) is transformed to a new unique identifier using a linear transformation method. After the identifier is transformed the data from this data source cannot identify the individual company, person or other identity in the data source.

Joining data: before & after

When transforming data from different sources using the same transformation, the data from these sources still can be joined for statistical research. Since the statistical research is based on the transformed identifier, the results of the research never can compromise the privacy of individual companies, people or other entities.



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